What Worry Means to You

You now have a decent amount of knowledge about worrying. As important as that it is, it is always most decisive to understand what worry means to you personally and to set goals that will motivate you. 

Before we move on, let's take a moment to recap what we've uncovered so far. In your journal or on this page, gather together the theories and definitions about worry that make the most sense to you.

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What Is Worry to You?

Ask yourself the questions listed below, to get a clearer understanding of what worry means to you personally. 

What is your personal definition of worry?

What worries you particularly?

What is the biggest worry of all?

How much do you worry – too much?

Go Back to the Theories

What causes your worry? You can refer to the theories mentioned in the previous chapters (the evolutionary theory, the mindfulness theory etc.) or you can use your own explanation.

Ready to Set Some Goals?

Hopefully you are, because now that you've got a slightly deeper understanding of how you think about your worry, let's start making some goals!

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