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The idea for Explorable.com (previously www.experiment-resources.com) came to life while trying to make sense of an enormous raw data collection, during the autumn of 2007.

The founder of the website was struggling to get information on how to calculate outliers, and asked:

"What if there was a website where I could just look up easy accessible information about different outlier removal-methods?"

The idea developed and Explorable.com was launched in February 2008. We have been adding new sections and articles ever since.

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There are several authors writing articles for the website. We are not well-renowned researchers, nor do we wish to profile the website as authoritative. We aim to provide content which is easy to understand and accurate.

The founder and administrator is a psychologist who has worked on many research-projects since 2004 (although not full time). Because of work related issues, the founder does not wish to be identified yet. Other authors' special areas include biology, statistics and engineering.

Goals of the Website

If you are looking for an authoritative peer-reviewed source to cite, other websites may do a better job. This website is merely an attempt to summarize vital parts of research and make the scientific method more available to laypersons.

We are currently focusing on adding articles to cover as many core topics within research and experiments as possible. We hope to soon be able to cover all phases of the scientific method thoroughly.

Future plans include research tools to scientist and learning tools to students about the scientific method.

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If you see an error, or have a great idea, please let us know on our contact page.

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