Technique 2: Visualization 2

As you now know, visualization can have powerful effects on your mind and body, which is why it is also an excellent tool to use when you want to achieve something specific, such as leading a calmer life. 

Let's try the visualization with another image. Pick a scenery that resonates with you - a peaceful forest, desert, beautiful palace etc. 

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Include Your Full Imagination

In the same way that you visualized all the details about the lemon, visualize the details of that scene.Close your eyes and imagine that you are immersed in there. Consult each of your senses. 

Focus on the Details

Below are some questions to help you craete a more detailed, realistic scene, in your imagination. 

  • What can you smell in this place?
  • What do you see? Look carefully around at every tiny detail
  • What sensations can you feel on your skin? How hot or cold are you? What do your feet feel as they stand on the ground?
  • What can you hear?
  • What can you taste?
  • How do you feel in this place? Imagine your facial expression. What thoughts are you having? Imagine colors, images and symbols that match this emotion
  • What are you doing? Imagine how it feels to move your body in this place; take a moment to absorb every detail

How to Use it?

You can take this visualization anywhere you like. You could spend 5 minutes each day recreating your tranquil world, and return back to it at stressful moments throughout the day.

Go Further

You could also extend the meditation slightly and imagine a glowing, healing ball of light that fills your body. Try imagining your stress as particles that evaporate off of you and float into the air, or picture a friend and guide in your special place who you tell your troubles to. It's your visualization. What you do really depends on you.

What's the Point?

The main thing is that you use the power of your mind to bring about healing and relaxing changes in your body. Keep breathing. Take note of any tension and pain in your body and let it go.

This is an excellent practice to develop for just before bedtime and will guarantee restful dreams.

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