On the Road to a Calmer Lifestyle

We're almost done with our course - you have learnt heaps and are now hopefully able to apply most, if not all, to your own life. However, to achieve true improvement and success, you need to keep going, even when the course is over. 

Hopefully, you've had the opportunity to take a deeper look at how, when and why you worry – and what you can do today to start taking charge of your own wellness.

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What Did We Do During This Course?

In this course, we've tried first to understand worry, and then find ways to cope and be more resilient in the face of everyday stress.

We've looked at ways to be more mindful, ways to take control of worrying thoughts, and practical techniques to stay strong not only in our minds, but also in our bodies. Lastly, we took a look at what to do when worry becomes more serious, briefly considering more troubling forms our worry can take.

Use Your Journal as a Reference Point

As we finish this course, it might be useful to go back through the journal you started in the very beginning. Compare your state of mind at the start to your state of mind now. Has anything changed?

What is Next?

Consider what techniques and exercises you found the most helpful. Also think about the areas where you are still hoping to improve, and think about ways you might approach that. Be patient with yourself – you may still have some stressful and worry-heavy days, but try to remind yourself of all the skills you've learnt and stop, take a breath, relax. A calm, happy lifestyle is built slowly, one moment at a time.

The End of the Course Is Not the End of Your Journey 

As the course comes to its end, we encourage you to keep improving and working on your calmer, happier life. To give you a boost - can you think of one way you'd like to continue onwards, now that the course is finished? What single thing can you do once you're done reading here that will improve your state of mind, right now? Let's do it then!

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