History of Science

Research methods has not come up overnight, but has evolved through hundreds of years of science. The history of science is interesting and intriguing, giving an insight into the developments of modern science.

There are several pioneers who shaped the current research. You may like to look at who invented the scientific method to get an idea of the early scientists and the influence they have, directly or indirectly, on what every researcher does today.

The History of Scientific Method

Biology, Zoology, Medicine

Aristotle’s Zoology - History of Biology

Islamic Scholars and Biology - History of Biology

Islamic Ophthalmology and Islamic Medicine

Ancient Medicine - History of Medicine

Islamic Medicine - History of Medicine

Chemistry and Physics

Alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone - History of Chemistry

Islamic Alchemy - History of Chemistry

Chinese Alchemy - History of Chemistry

Ancient Physics - History of Physics


Aristotle’s Psychology - History of Psychology

Islamic Psychology - History of Psychology

Psychology in the Middle Ages (PART I)

Psychology in the Middle Ages (PART II)

Psychology in the Middle Ages (PART III) - St Augustine

Psychology in the Middle Ages (PART IV) - Collective Psychology

Psychology in the Middle Ages (PART V) - Early Reniassance and Aquinas

Psychology in the Middle Ages (PART VI) - Mental Hospitals


Ancient Mathematics - History of Mathematics

Babylonian Mathematics - History of Mathematics

Egyptian Mathematics - History of Mathematics

Greek Geometry

Archimedes - Greek Mathematics

Archimedes' War Machines

Euclid - Greek Mathematics

Pythagoras - Greek Mathematics

Thales - Greek Mathematics

Heron of Alexandria - Greek Mathematics

Heron's Inventions - Greek Mathematics

Heron's Fountain - Greek Mathematics

Ancient Experiments - How to Conduct Them

  • Heron's Aeolipile Experiment
    A steam engine that worked on exactly the same principle as the great machines of the industrial revolution and many modern electricity-generating turbines.
  • Archimedes Screw Experiment
    A device still used around the world as a simple and efficient method of moving liquids and solid particles.
  • Build an Astrolabe - Navigation and Mapping the Stars
    The astrolabe is an instrument that allows observers to measure the position of celestial bodies relative to the horizon, which allows accurate star mapping.
  • Archimedes Displacement Experiment
    Repeat the experiment that made a naked man run down the street shouting ‘Eureka! Eureka!’
  • Make Heron’s Fountain
    How potential energy can provide power, using water and gravity, and air and compression
  • Sundials
    An Ancient Estimate the Time of the Day


Ancient Chinese Astronomy - History of Astronomy

Egyptian Astronomy - History of Astronomy

Greek Astronomy - History of Astronomy

Indian Astronomy - History of Astronomy

Ancient Mayan Astronomy - History of Astronomy

Mesopotamian Astronomy - Mesopotamia, Persia, and the History of Astronomy

Islamic Astronomy - History of Astronomy

Neolithic Astronomy - Mesopotamia, Persia, and the History of Astronomy

Applied Science History - Inventions

Building Roman Roads - Applied Science


Middle-Ages Science - Mesopotamia, Persia, and the History of Science


Renaissance Science - The Path to Enlightenment

Renaissance Alchemy (PART I)

Renaissance Alchemy (PART II)

Renaissance Architecture (PART I)

Renaissance Architecture (PART II)

Renaissance Biology (PART I)

Renaissance Biology (PART II)

Renaissance Geology (PART I)

Renaissance Geology (PART II)

Renaissance Medicine

Renaissance Physics

Renaissance Astronomy

Tycho Brahe (PART I)

Tycho Brahe (PART II)

Galileo Galileo - The Father of Modern Astronomy

Isaac Newton - The End of the Renaissance and the Beginning of the Enlightenment


Enlightenment Geology - The Rise of Earth Science

Science and the Enlightenment (PART I)

Science and the Enlightenment (PART II)

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