Sources of Stress

Even when you know you are feeling worried, it may often be challenging to recognize the exact sources of stress that are affecting your. Considering some specific details of your life, and the extend to which they cause you to worry, will help you understand yourself and your personal needs. 

With that in mind, let's take a look at some things that might be causing you stress. Below is a list of items that some people may find stressful. Have a look at each one and select how stressful you would find them.

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Not Right or Wrong - Just Personal

Of course, there's no right or wrong way to do this, because it is a way to start becoming aware of your own mental resources and your own personal resilience when it comes to stress and worry.

  • Speaking in front of a crowd
  • Travelling somewhere you've never been before
  • Having a tight budget, or being in debt
  • Thinking about tasks you still have to do
  • Being rushed
  • Feeling guilty that you have or haven't done what was expected
  • Feeling unsure about how a situation will turn out
  • Worries that you're being judged
  • Thinking about tasks you haven't done yet
  • Thoughts about random events like accidents or illnesses happening to you
  • Thoughts about global warming, pollution or endangered animals
  • Feelings about a family member's safety
  • Doing new things
  • Regretting things that have already been done
  • Worries about your health or the health of someone you love
  • Worrying that something bad will happen
  • Worries about whether you'll be good enough for a role you've been given
  • Stress about exam and school performance
  • Stressing about things being clean and orderly
  • Feeling unprepared for a task
  • Vague worries that you aren't living the life you should be
  • Feelings that romantic partners don't return your affections
  • Worries about being so much more worried than everyone else
  • Worries about nothing in particular!

If you have them, add some worries of your own as well.

Include Someone Else

If you have someone nearby who's willing, ask them to go through the same list and compare – are there any surprising patterns?

Specific or General?

Are you worried about one, two things or just life in general? If you've noticed anything noteworthy, put it down now in your journal. You might also like to note whether your worry seems to "float" and be about everything and nothing at all.

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