"Monitors" with Strong Phobia Step 2

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You have been doing great so far, which is why it is now time to challenge yourself further. Let's put those thoughts into practice and physically face arachnophobia.

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Now that you know what you're looking for, and the root reasons behind your need to monitor spiders, the next step is to establish a means of breaking contact with the spider when you know it is there. This exercise should help you do that.

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Acquire a Toy Spider

First, try and get hold of a toy spider; they sell them in joke shops or kids toy stores, very cheaply. It doesn't even need to look realistic, all it has to do is represent a spider. If you don't feel comfortable picking it out, ask a friend to help you. Preferably someone who understands what you are trying to deal with.

Decorate Your Space with a Spider!

Once obtained, put this spider somewhere in a room you like to spend time in, somewhere that it is clearly visible to you. If possible, get someone else to do it, so you don't know where the spider is at first. Doing this means the spider acts as what is called a 'proxy' for a real spider, and you can use it to begin working on how you feel about spiders.

Coexist with Your Toy Spider

Now that you have a proxy spider, enter the room, take note of its position, and try to go about your business without constantly watching it. Perhaps you could use a laptop or play a game so you focus on something other than the spider. Try and do this in 30 second bursts, and once you are comfortably getting through 30 seconds without having to try too hard, try one minute bursts without looking at the spider.

Channel Your Fears

The key final part of this step is channelling those feelings of fear. Grab a hold of the toy spider and think of it as your fear of spiders. Look at it closely, examine how it sits in your hand; acknowledge that you are the one holding it; view the toy spider as your fear.

Now really invest yourself in this spider - think of it as all your fears in a horrifying stuffed toy. And let go. Like your fears, let it fall down beside you. This really works for some people, and it may help you.

Get Comfortable Before Proceeding

This wraps up this exercise. However, it is once again a crucial stepping stone to the next bit, so make sure you can get up to a minute, or even two, before moving on to the next step.

See you there!

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