"Avoiders" with Severe Phobia Step 1

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If you have clicked here, you are probably struggling with arachnophobia quite a lot and are looking for a solution that can help you in the long run. This is the first step to that solution, but remember that in order for it to work, you have to push yourself a bit. 

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It's bad, we understand. You don't simply find spiders to be disturbing, they downright terrify you. There is a solution though and the aim of this course is to help you control the way you react to a spider, and to take command of the situation so that you and only you are able to decide what happens next.

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Find the Calm Within 

Our first step is for you to try and find something that calms you down when you are stressed. It's essential to remember that it must be something within you, not something outside of you, such as another person or an object. Find a mantra-like statement to repeat to yourself when you feel stressed, such as "I am strong and powerful, I can deal with this and be happy!" or "This is unpleasant, but it is actually not that tragic and I can deal with it."

Pick a Relaxation Technique

Better yet, add a relaxation technique to your daily routine. Most people find breathing techniques to be especially helpful and easy to apply in everyday life.

A good relaxation technique, is equal breathing – close your eyes, breath in to the count of 4-6, hold to the count of 4-6, breathe out to the count of 4-6. Doing just 5-10 minutes of this every day, when you are stressed or before bed, can have wonderful effects on your mental health.

Practice Relaxation

Do your calming technique as often as you can, and try to practice it, at least occasionally, in settings that you find relaxing and where you won't be disturbed by your phone or other people.

Don't rush this step as it is vital! Next up is where it gets tough.

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