"Monitors" with Debilitating Phobia Step 3

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Now that you have experience knowledge of two essential components it's time to go for the worst fear - spiders! Try to be your most confident self, beause you can absolutely complete this step and build a more enjoyable life for yourself. 

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This step takes what you've been practicing for the past few weeks and applies it to your fear of spiders. It may sound like the worst idea in the world, but it will help you face and overcome your fear, which is what you are here for. Let's give it a go.

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Select a Form

To start with, choose how you'd like to be exposed to spiders. If you already feel comfortable with the techniques you have applied to your other fears, then you can go straight to facing a live spider. If, however, you feel that you still need some practice, you can use spider videos.

Shift Your Focus

Your task now is to shift your focus between the spider and another activity. If your usual reaction to spiders is to freeze and be unable to do anything, other than watch its every move with terror, this step may be challenging at first. However, once you have been doing it for a while, you will see that nothing negative will happen, even if you are not constantly monitoring the spider.

Spend Time with a Real Spider

Lastly, move on to a real spider. Find someone who has a pet spider; go to the insect enclosure at the zoo, or a pet store that sells spiders. Whatever option you decide to use, make sure you explain to the people there what you are trying to deal with, before proceeding. After a while of practicing you will probably notice that the spider is not at all interested in you.

Let It Be

This is going to be the hardest element of coping with your phobia, but if you have completed the first two sections it should be relatively easy to try and begin to let go of control around the spider, and allow the spider to just 'be' without focusing in too close on it.

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