"Avoiders" with Strong Phobia Step 3

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Finally! You're at the end of the process. With this step you should be able to take control of your arachnophobia and feel more comfortable around spiders than ever before. Just remember that in order to proceed to this step, you should first feel completely comfortable doing the exercise from Step 2.

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This stage may be difficult to do, simply because it means you need to find some spiders. Most people have that part of their home that they know they'll be able to find a spider, but if not, go out into some green areas and try to find your spiders.

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What's the Goal?

Now, because we've established that you tend pretend as if there are no spiders around, even if they are right in front of you, our goal here is going to be for you to calmly acknowledge the spider and move on with your activities. This is why Step 2 is so important and why you absolutely need to have finished it before proceeding onto this one.

Put Your Knowledge to Practice

So, you find yourself face to face with a spider and, as you have now focused on what scares you about them, put that into practice. Look at its legs, abdomen, or whichever part scares you the most, and think of all the videos or books you've now seen. Remind yourself of how harmless that experience was. Slowly remove yourself from the spider and take slow, calming breathes as you do so. Once you feel yourself relax, look away from the spider and carry on with another, unrelated activity.

Be Patient

This process may take some time as you may act on reflex when you see a spider, but the point of the exercise is for you to try and take control of your behavior. Calming breathes and logical thoughts, related to the spider-relevant knowledge you have already acquired, will help you. Remember not to rush this process too much, while still giving yourself a nudge – else it may not work.

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