"Avoiders" with Strong Phobia Step 1

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Okay, so you're quite scared of spiders, and you react loudly and thrash a little when you see one. That's alright, because this system will help you take control of the way you feel about spiders.

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The main aim of this is for you to be able to acknowledge that there is a spider and feel undisturbed by it.The first thing to do then, is to put yourself at ease and in a frame of mind where you feel calm.

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Find a Place of Calm

If you are particularly fearful of spiders and other creepy crawlies, make sure you find the most comfortable place for you. If that "happy place" is in your home, then there is an extra step for you – as you go through the steps, make sure you are gradually moving outside as well.

Acknowledge Your Fear

Now that you're in your happy place, or at least somewhere you feel safe, try to think about spiders. This may be uncomfortable for some, but it is really worth it. Think about what it is about them that really scares you, and try to make a note of that. It doesn't matter what it is, or if you think it sounds silly. Everyone's fears are real and powerful to them.

Pinpoint what Scare You

It's important that you are able to try and pinpoint everything that you can, even if your fears come from spiders as a whole, make sure you know that it's the whole spider rather than just its legs, the way it moves or even its eyes.

Remind Yourself

The reason why this process is helpful, is because once you know the exact root of your fears, becomes easier to face that fear and get past it. Once you have this note of why you fear spiders, keep hold of it and remind yourself of it once or twice a day, just to make sure that you don't change your mind before moving on to the next step, as that note will become very important!

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