"Avoiders" with Strong Phobia Step 2

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Now that you know what it is about spiders that makes you afraid, you can think about ways to combat that. In this next step, your goal is to have a more in-depth look at your fear and start purposely acting, in order to cope with it.

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Focus on what it is that makes you fear them, and find ways of looking at those things, whether it's on the internet, in books, or even toys. Try and look at as much detail as you can, until you find yourself increasingly comfortable looking at them. This is called desensitization and is really helpful in taking the edge off your fears of spiders. Now this process may take some time, so make sure you are absolutely ready to get on to the next stage!

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Combat Fear with the Internet

If you choose to look at spiders using the internet, video streaming sites or image searches are really useful, as they tend to be very specific in the results they give you. Whilst that sounds like a bad thing, it isn't! You need those specific results so you can really spend some time getting used to the part of spiders that scares you. This is probably the most effective means of looking at your fears.

Choose Books as an Alternative

If you can't get online often enough, or would rather not spend time online looking for spiders, it is understandable. It's not fun, but it is worth your time. However, another option is local libraries and bookstores. Biology textbooks or encyclopaedias are a great means of looking up the more scientific elements of spiders.

Science Will Help

If you can separate the idea of the spider from the biology of spiders, you might feel better when you next see one. A big part of this is dispelling myths you may have heard in the media; like that someone is getting bitten every day by a particular kind of spider, when the reality is that there have been 6 recorded bites in the past year.

Face Your Fears

This stage is really tough as it forces you to go face to face with your fears and to look in-depth at why you are scared of spiders. But don't worry! Nothing worth having ever comes for free and this is no exception.

Time for the final step!

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