"Monitors" with Severe Phobia Step 3

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Now that you are somewhat used to spiders, it is time to learn how to coexist, without having to constantly monitor them. In order to achieve that, you can first use a video, and then go back to the real spiders at the zoo. 

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From here, what you're going to do is relatively simple, but will take time. Having considered what it is you are scared of, you need to focus on it at least once a day, and think hard and consistently about it.

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Find a Video

Once you have completed the first step, for about five minutes, load up a video on YouTube of spiders, preferably a long one.The reason this may be useful, is because it will build up your tolerance to the idea of having spiders around.

Break Your Focus

From now on, as you monitor spiders when you see them, the aim would be to use what you have now done through the past two exercises to help you break that level of over-focusing on spiders.

Work with the Video

During the video that you have chosen, pick a point where there is a spider on screan, uninterrupted for between 1 and 5 minutes. Watch it through so you know you are comfortable with the content.

Now, turn on the video and leave the room that it is playing in. At first, go back in after 30 seconds. Sit down at the video and focus on the spider briefly. Then repeat this a few times, and after, increase that time to a minute. Keep doing this until you are able to go the entire video without coming back into the room.

Go Back to Real Spiders

Once you are able to do this, you can try it on a real spider. Go back to the zoo or natural history museum, take a book or a magazine with you, and sit close to the display while reading. It may take a few tries before you are comfortable with keeping your focus on what you are reading, but you will eventually get there.

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