"Monitors" with Mild Phobia Step 2

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Now that you've gotten a bit more comfortable letting spiders out of your sight and trying not to worry about them, the next step is to learn how to calm yourself when you feel the anxiety of knowing a spider is in the room with you.

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Whether it is on a real spider, if you are feeling brave, or using the videos and GIFs from step one, try watching it. Whilst you are watching it, repeat step one and leave the room.

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Note Your Reactions

When you come back in, allow yourself to watch it again, think about the way you are reacting and note down what you find. Whether you begin sweating, or you furrow your brow staring at the spider – whatever physical and emotional reactions you notice, make sure you note them down.

Set a Positive Goal

Try setting yourself a positive goal at this point, perhaps you want to be able to use several different videos for this stage, or maybe you have a specific spider you are scared of. Make sure it's a positive goal as you'll feel more rewarded when you reach it.

Calm Your Reactions

Knowing now how your react to spiders you can begin to think about the way you act and try to calm yourself when you see one. When you see a spider and you begin to react by sweating or what-have-you, acknowledge it and try to reduce the severity of the reaction. This may take some time to achieve.

Ask a Friend to Assist

A really good way to make this step work, or make it easier, is if you have someone that you trust who can help you out. If you see a spider when you are with them, or while using the videos, they can help by telling you when you are acting in one of the ways you have noted down, and you can begin to try and take control of that reaction.

Once you are in control of the way you act around a spider instead of reacting impulsively, you will be almost at the final stage of this set of steps.

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