"Avoiders" with Severe Phobia Step 3

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This is the last step! You are now ready to take this last leap into a life with less fear. You are about to see that spiders are not as horrible as you might have thought. Exciting, isn't it! 

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If you've completed the previous step, then this one should be much easier. This is wonderful news, because you are likely to see results from this last step the quickest. However it does involve getting someone to help you out, so find someone you trust and who understands what you are trying to do with your phobia.

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Find a Trusted Someone

You have now found a place where you can visit a living spider that you know can't get you and that you've begun to get used to. This is the key.

You will need a trusted someone to help you. Whether they are the owner of the spider, they work at the pet store you have been visiting or someone else entirely. Ask them to gently take out the spider and handle it in front of you.

Learn to Approach and Interact with the Spider

Gradually, try and get yourself closer and closer, whilst they are handling the spiders. When you feel almost ready - touch the spider. Applying your calming strategies will be really useful here.

You can start with tiny, gentle strokes at first, but the idea here is for you to build up to being able to handle it, if only briefly, yourself.

Practice Touching the Spider

Doing this a few times a week for a period of 2-3 weeks should begin to help and let you take control of your reaction to spiders. After you feel confident with this, you can start trying it on other spider and it shouldn't be too much of a drastic change for you. Remember that spiders are live creatures and should be handled with care, so be careful not to hurt them while doing this exercise.

What's the Point?

The goal here is to be able to remain calm enough, in order to have a choice in what happens when you see a spider. Arachnophobia can make you panic and react explosively, rather than think and act consciously.

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