"Avoiders" with Debilitating Phobia Step 2

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Before you can cope with your fear, you need to understand yourself and your reactions. This step will help you focus on your inner experiences, as a stepping stone to positive change. 

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Your reaction to spiders might seem extreme to others, but it probably comes natural to you, although you may realize that it is more severe than it should be. Examining your reactions closely is the first step to turning your fear around.

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Take Some Time

So now that we know what it is you specifically fear in spiders, we can begin to investigate your reactions.

It is important to sit calmly, on your own, for a little while and consider this problem. Ask yourself all the questions, surrounding your phobia that you can think of.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

An example may be "Why is it that I freeze in terror when I see a spider?" The answer for some people may be that their parents reacted this way, others might have had a traumatic experience with spiders in horror movies, etc. This is important to think about, as when you have understood why you react the way you do, you can start to change it.

Find a Place of Calm

The best way to do this is find a place where you feel perfectly safe and remove all distractions, such as your phone. Take slow, deep breaths and count to five when you inhale and ten as you exhale.

Understand Your Experience

Focus on your experiences with spiders, your thoughts about them, the way you'd like to change your reactions. Try to recall the exact behaviour you engage in when you see a spider and focus on remembering where you might have learned to react this way. Consider what the purpose of this behaviour and whether it is helpful to you.

Write It Down

It is recommended that you note down your thoughts, so that you can go back and examine them at a later moment.

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