The Power of Optimism

Optimism and hope seem to have a tremendous impact on people’s lives.

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Here, we are going to examine optimism, as a concept that involves a mix of constructive emotions and a positive attitude towards life. When it comes to adopting an optimistic view on life, a step-by-step approach may be challenging, but has a lot of benefits.

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Depression and Pessimism

It is well-known that people who experience depression have pessimistic attitudes towards life, others and themselves.

Our beliefs and attitudes have been influenced by a number of factors, such as rearing, experience, and interpersonal relationships. However, what is crucial to remember is that, as an adult, you have full control over your own life and way of thinking, so you can change your pessimistic attitudes.

Pessimistic attitudes may be keeping you stuck and feeling miserable, so even though it may be challenging, transforming them is well worth the work.

The Benefits of Optimism

Optimism is not blind faith, but rather the ability to be hopeful about the future, and to channel your own capabilities, towards building a brighter future for yourself.

It is a helpful attitude towards life, oneself, and others, because it allows you to consider all the ways in which you can be successful, in whatever you have taken up. That may be improving your mental health, building better relationships, your physical image, a hobby, etc.

Pessimism, on the other hand, creates barriers, by forcing you down a path of negativity. You see all the ways in which you may fail and may easily engage in self-defeating behaviors.

Becoming an Optimist

If you’d like to learn how to become an optimist, you might benefit from another set of articles we have prepared.

Reframe Your Thinking

There’s at least a tiny fragment of positivity, in every bad situation. Reframing is all about reinterpreting your past and present experiences. Perhaps your experience was a valuable life lesson, or maybe it paved the way to a better alternative. Whatever the case may be, make sure you stress upon the positives.

Enjoy the Small Things

Part of the reason why people end up feeling pessimistic about their future is our constant desire for major achievements. Instead of obsessing over reaching your big, final goal, try to enjoy the steps towards it. Although setting large life goals can be very productive, life is filled with simple pleasures. It could be a friendly ‘hello’ from the mailman or a kind gesture from a coworker.

Be Grateful

Happiness is more of a mental state than a goal - we don’t pursue happiness, we live it. Gratitude is essential when you want to be happy and attract good things into your life.

One of the best ways to cultivate gratitude is by using a journal or some form. Each day, record 3 things you’re grateful for. They can be very small, as long as you are able to find a source of gratitude in them.

Later on, as you go through your journal entries, you would have accumulated a list of things that bring positivity into your life.

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