Social Anxiety Test

Before we begin, please take a minute to complete this test, in order to evaluate your current state.
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Take a look at the following examples and rate the approximate level of anxiety that you usually experience in similar circumstances. Some of the situations might be unfamiliar to you, in which case please try to imagine how you would feel.

Situation None (0) Slight (1) Undecided (2) Moderate (3) Strong (4)
Going to a new store/bar/restaurant          
Maintaining eye contact          
Eating/drinking in public spaces          
Starting a conversation with a new person          
Talking to your boss/teacher/person with influence          
Asking for directions/information          
Business meetings          
Oral presentations in front of other people          
Urinating in public          
Other situations (write down your example)          

Scores between 0 and 15 – mild social anxiety

Scores between 16 and 29 – moderate social anxiety

Scores between 30 and 40 – severe social anxiety

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