Applied Anthropology

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Though anthropology is an academic discipline, the data and methods used in anthropology can often be applied to current events and other relevant situations. Anthropology has a huge variety of applications, and is often used to help solve global problems.

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As all anthropologists are trained to be culturally sensitive—that is, aware and respectful of cultural differences—they can often help with situations that require an understanding of cultural sensitivity. Often, we may attempt solutions to solve problems in other cultures that don't work due to a lack of understanding.


Accordingly, applied anthropologists often don't work in academic settings. For example, they can work in hospitals, business offices, governmental structures, non-profits, and many more.


There are many different types of work that applied anthropologists can do. Examples include:

  • Working with non-profits to determine the best way to help meet the needs of a community in both long-term and short-term ways

  • Working with a company to determine how to market a product while being culturally sensitive

  • Working with training employees in terms of diversity and cultural sensitivity

  • Working with indigenous groups on a variety of issues, such as land claims

  • Working with forensics teams and using archaeological methods to help solve crimes

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