Symptoms of Negativity

Negativity is not just in your head. It is not a mindset, stronger than you. Nor is it laziness or sadness, that last for a few days. 

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Persistent negativity and pessimism in your life are not the same as PMS or stress. However, negativity can be influenced by them and also contains various levels of sadness or despair, disappointment, loneliness, self-doubt, and guilt.

Sounds like too much? Well, negativity is too much, and it can overwhelm the person who is going through it. When negativity is a constant part of your existence, everyday life may seem like a fight for life.

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How Does Negativity Influence Us?

Negativity can make people feel sad, hopeless and sometimes – as if there is nothing but time that drags on, without anything happy or exciting ever happening. Negativity affects not only emotions but also thinking and behavior. It influences all part of life.

Nobody Is Immune

More importantly, everyone can ‘catch’ negativity. You can even have it right not, or a loved one may be tormented by it.

Perhaps that is why you are currently reading this article. Good! That is the first step towards the brighter future - remaining calm and getting informed. Remember, the best antidote for negativity is learning new things, and applying them in positive ways.

A Negative Mindset

People who have been entrapped by a negative mindset, often tend to use blame. They blame themselves, others, the circumstances, and the universe, for whatever is happening. “In my free time, I blame”, is often what negativity leads to, even if it is a subconscious process that you don’t fully realize.

Besides constant guilt that blaming oneself can bring about, blaming others or external circumstances, can lead to anger and frustration.

If you constantly feel as if you are misunderstood and everything that is happening to you is unfair, or worse compared to the lives of others, you will likely be miserable with your existence.

Negativity, As a Dark Filter

Simply put, negativity makes it tough to acknowledging any positive aspects of any situation. Negativity also often means extrapolating bad things to the future.

Although it may sound rather dire, remember that there is a solution for negative thinking, and it is very much within your reach.

Negative Behavior

The cognitive script of a negative-thinker, written by sadness and anticipation of future misfortune, develops a behavioral scenery of alienation. If the only theme that is being rehashed by your mind and behavior is a noir film, it would be difficult to let others in and allow them to make you a bit happier.

Many people with a negative outlook on life, find it easier to withdraw and create a supportive surrounding for their way of living. It may seem easier to surround yourself with people and other stimuli; that prove your negative point of view.

After all, we are comfortable and what we are used to, and change, even if it is positive, may often be scary, on a subconscious level.

However, following every whim of your dark inner persona can expectedly lead to self-destructive behavior, depressive thoughts experiences.

Physical Symptoms

The strong presence of negativity in your life can go as far as to lead to physical illness. As you are well aware, our minds and bodies live in a constant connection – you can’t nurture one and ignore the other.

Viewing everything in a negative light, and expecting catastrophe at all times, inevitably takes a toll on one’s physical and mental health.

Common Symptoms

Some common physical symptoms, triggered by a negative outlook on life, often include a variety of aches and pains, high blood pressure, skin rashes, sexual disorders.

If you have been having physical health problems, but your doctor hasn’t been able to find any reasonable explanation, it is a great idea to seek a consultation with a psychotherapist. That is a specialist who would be able to give you some insight into what behavior and thinking patterns may have caused your physical ailment.

There Is Always Hope  

Remember – you are not the only one who is struggling with negativity. If the psychological energy people put in overcoming pessimism turned to electrical energy, it could light thousands of cities, around the world. Happiness can be found in the darkness, and we just need to learn how to turn the light on.

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