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2.1K reads is a scientific knowledge hub, centred around scientific research and research methodologies, containing many articles on academic topics. The target audience is students, with a great focus on helping students prepare for classes, term papers and exams. We pride ourselves on getting relevant quality information about science for free to our readers.

Site Background/History

As of November 2012 there are more than 750 000 unique visitors that come to the each month and more than 1.3 million page views! Our site launched in February 2008 under the name As the website grew beyond our imagination, we decided to rebrand and eventually moved the content to

Visitor Statistics

Just over half of visitors are located in the USA with an additional 25% coming from English speaking countries, notably the UK, Canada and Australia.

The average visitors are young adults and students, typically living in major US cities and often first or second year students in College / University.

Ad Placement and Pricing

Advertising is offered in a variety of sizes, placements, and price points.