Curiosity Killed the Cat

…But Satisfaction Brought It Back

…But Satisfaction Brought It Back

  • Hans Rosling shows the best stats you've ever seen from a scientist while debunking myths about the relationship between child birth rate and overpopulation.

  • What influence wind patterns where you live? Updates in realtime.

  • Really interesting! Nobel Prize-winner Daniel Kahneman talks about how the human brain fails so easily and what you can do about it.

  • "I have to make stuff". See the wonderful world of Zina Nicole Lahr who tragically passed away in a hiking accident.

    Full Transcription

    Short Documentary by Stormy Pyeatte.

    Speaker: Zina Nicole Lahr

  • Will computer models take over science as we know it? Is the scientific method too slow?

  • Are you holding back something from the world that seems too obvious to share?

  • Why all science funded by the public should become open access. Speakers are Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen. Illustrated by Jorge Cham,

  • Would You like to Play a Game Being Someone Living With Depression? Depression Quest is an award-winning interactive fiction game where you play as someone living with depression. The creator warns that this is not for fun or for those looking for lighthearted experiences.

  • How autonomy, mastery and purpose are important to work motivation for any work that requires any more than rudimentary cognitive efforts - by Daniel H. Pink.

  • Brainstorming might not be that good after all...

  • How we misinterprete coincidences to create meaning. A short story of the Umbrella man / JFK Assassination.

  • Under what circumstances would you lie, or cheat, and what effect does your deception have on society at large? By Dan Ariely, Psychologist and Scientist.

  • "The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader" -Derek Sivers

  • "We accidently ran the biggest insomnia study in the history" - Jamie Heywood, Patients Like Me. The project gives us a peek of how "Big Data" will completely change health care research.